Opleiding: Educational studies (E)
Studieniveau: Master - HO
Studiegebied: Psychologie en Pedagogische wetenschappen
Belangstellingsdomeinen: Sociale wetenschappen,
Schoolvakken SO: Gedragswetenschappen, Opvoedkunde, Psychologie, Sociale wetenschappen,

KU Leuven
The Master of Educational Studies offers an academically-oriented programme providing broad expertise related to the field of education. This entails:
°  a thorough understanding of educational approaches and methodologies related to educational issues;
°  the necessary competencies and skills to conduct educational research, design instruments, develop training modules and curricula, guide and evaluate innovation processes;
°  insight into instructional psychology, school development, professional and continuing education and educational policies.
The programme primarily aims to provide in-depth knowledge in one or more sub-domains of educational studies (basic educational topics, instructional science, educational policy, and adult education), but also offers advanced knowledge of educational processes, policy, innovation, and research. 
Through individualised assignments and research seminars, our experienced teaching staff will provide you with an overview of basic theories and recent developments in the field of educational studies. 
Beyond fine-tuning your theoretical insights, you\'ll come to grips with macro-, meso- and micro-processes, as well as methodological skills.
Your research-based master\'s thesiswill help you develop your aptitude for - and contribute to - scholarship in the field. 


  • You seek to develop a research-based understanding of educational processes, taking into account the various factors that play a role at the level of day-to-day practice, organisation, educational policy and society.

  • You are driven by a will to learn how to optimise education through more advanced, evidence-based practices and policies.

  • You have a sound methodological competence, a good basic knowledge of theoretical frameworks and basic insights in the historical, philosophical, socio-economical and socio-cultural embeddedness of educational processes and dynamics.

Beroepsbeschrijving- en uitwegen

Master of Science in Educational Studies graduates pursue careers as educational advisors, coordinators or managers in schools or in other educational settings.
They are also qualified to play a role in the design and implementation of educational policies, in labour organisations and organisations concerned with vocational and professional education, and in community education and lifelong learning.
Graduates holding a previously acquired teaching degree who choose to take up teaching (again) will have gained skill-perfecting expertise.
Successful graduates are also equipped to participate in research projects in Belgium and abroad and may go on to undertake a PhD before embarking on an international career.

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Na een masteropleiding kan je, binnen het hoger onderwijs, verder studeren in:
een master-na-master
Binnen dit studiegebied worden deze Ma-na-Ma's georganiseerd:  
  Cultural Anthropology and Development Studies (E)  
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een postgraduaat
  De toelating tot een postgraduaat verschilt per opleiding. Raadpleeg de toelatingsvoorwaarden per opleiding.
een bachelor-na-bachelor
  Verder studeren kan ook in een Ba-na-Na. De toelatingsvoorwaarden kunnen verschillen per opleiding.
een specifieke lerarenopleiding
  Als je leraar wilt worden kan je een specifieke lerarenopleiding volgen.
Er zijn ook nog na- of bijscholingen. Sommige studenten komen in aanmerking voor een doctoraat.
KU Leuven, (2)
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3000 Leuven
Gegevens bijgewerkt tot 06-02-2017


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