Opleiding: Evangelical and pentecostal studies (E)
Studieniveau: Master - HO
Studiegebied: Godgeleerdheid, Godsdienstwetenschappen en Kerkelijk recht
Belangstellingsdomeinen: Sociale wetenschappen,
Schoolvakken SO: Godsdienst,

Continental Theological Seminary
The program combines the broad theological formation with the skill of conducting theological research in the light of the contemporary religous environment.
The students preparing themselves to become Bible teachers, exegetes or writers of theological literature are provided with expertise in either Old Testament or New Testament.
The biblical and theological research abilities of the student are demonstrated in writing a Thesis.
The programs of specialisation offered at the seminary are designed to help the student concentrate some of his studies in a specific area of interest.
A pathway is not comprehensive but is structured so that the student may gain a meaningful exposure to a specific discipline.
After completing such a course, the student should have a grasp of the nature of the discipline and should be adequately equipped to do further work in the area of study.
Pathway Biblical Studies
The Biblical Studies pathway is designed to stimulate reflection on the use of the Bible in theology by crossing the conventional disciplinary boundaries between biblical exegesis and biblical theology applied in the contemporary church environment.
Pathway Missiological Studies
The Missiological Studies pathway also stimulates reflection on the use of the Bible in theology by crossing the conventional disciplinary boundaries between biblical exegesis and biblical theology.
However, it is also designed to stimulate creative reflection on the missions theology, history and trends in the light of cultural changes now sweeping through modern society and to equip church leaders and others to develop effective missions strategies through which the church might redefine its purposes in this context.
This course provides a solid theological education and prepares the students for entering different ministries of the Church and teaching Christian Religion inside and outside the Church establishment.
It also introduces the students to personal research in the areas of instruction through the courses, the seminars and the assigned theological research papers.

Na een masteropleiding kan je, binnen het hoger onderwijs, verder studeren in:
een master-na-master
Binnen dit studiegebied worden deze Ma-na-Ma's georganiseerd:  
  Canon Law (Iuris Canonici Licentiatus) (E)  
  Gespecialiseerde studies in de praktische theologie: academische pastoraatsopleiding  
  Kerkelijk recht  
  Er zijn waarschijnlijk andere Ma-na-Ma's waarin je mag starten. Raadpleeg de toelatingsvoorwaarden per Ma-na-Ma.  
een postgraduaat
  De toelating tot een postgraduaat verschilt per opleiding. Raadpleeg de toelatingsvoorwaarden per opleiding.
een bachelor-na-bachelor
  Verder studeren kan ook in een Ba-na-Na. De toelatingsvoorwaarden kunnen verschillen per opleiding.
een specifieke lerarenopleiding
  Als je leraar wilt worden kan je een specifieke lerarenopleiding volgen.
Er zijn ook nog na- of bijscholingen. Sommige studenten komen in aanmerking voor een doctoraat.
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