Opleiding: Rehabilitation sciences and physiotherapy
Afstudeerrichting: Neurological conditions (E)
Studieniveau: Master - HO
Studiegebied: Bewegings- en Revalidatiewetenschappen
Belangstellingsdomeinen: Exacte wetenschappen, Medische activiteiten, Sociaal dienstbetoon, Sport,
Schoolvakken SO: Lichamelijke opvoeding, Sport,
Bijzondere toelating

Access requirements

  • Direct: academic bachelor degree in Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy

  • With bridging programme: professional Bachelor\'s degree, graduate in physiotherapy/physical treatment

  • After permission with bridging programme: other professional Bachelor\'s degree

Language requirements: The Master\'s programme is taught in English. Candidates must be proficient in this language.


Universiteit Antwerpen
The Master of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy in Internal Conditions comprises 120 ECTS credits (or study points), which is equivalent to two years full-time study if the model plan is followed.
It is possible to follow a part-time track, and complete the programme in three or four years instead of two years.
The Master of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy is specifically designed for students who are motivated to pursue advanced studies in the domain of rehabilitation and physiotherapy.
The programme focusses on the scientific perspective and evidence-based practice in physiotherapy and comprises a nifty balance between theoretical training and clinical practice (internships, seminars, Master’s thesis).
Are you interested in the rehabilitation of patients with internal conditions such as heart- and lung diseases or in metabolic disorders like diabetes? Then the Master of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy in International Conditions is an excellent choice.
In this major special attention goes to:

  • safe reconditioning of patients after a heart attack and practical organisation of the cardiovascular revalidation;

  • taking stress tests;

  • registering and monitoring parameters such as oxygen intake;

  • improving mucus transport after an operation.

Beroepsbeschrijving- en uitwegen

The positive effects of physiotherapy have been well documented in the scientific literature.
The expertise of physiotherapists is highly appreciated and sought after, and physiotherapists are becoming increasingly important in the changing landscape of health care.
As a Master of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy graduate you will find employment in both the intramural and extramural health care.

Intramural health care
You will have the necessary practical skills and theoretical knowledge to start a professional career as a physiotherapy practitioner and/or scientific scholar.
You will be well prepared to pursue a career in a clinical setting such as a rehabilitation clinic, a day centre or a hospital where you will work in collaboration with other clinical experts (medical doctors, nurses, occupational therapists) and where you will be in close contact with your patients.
The professional network you have established throughout your clinical internships and Master’s thesis trajectory will be an advantage when searching for employment in the broad field of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy.

Extramural health care
You can also start as an employee in a private practice or become self-employed and start a private clinic by yourself, in collaboration with partners or in an association.
The research skills you have developed throughout the programme may also help you to continue your education in a PhD or Advanced Master\'s programme in Belgium or overseas. 

Na een masteropleiding kan je, binnen het hoger onderwijs, verder studeren in:
een master-na-master
Er zijn geen Ma-na-Ma's binnen dit studiegebied. Er zijn waarschijnlijk andere Ma-na-Ma's waarin je mag starten. Raadpleeg de toelatingsvoorwaarden per Ba-na-Ba.  
een postgraduaat
  De toelating tot een postgraduaat verschilt per opleiding. Raadpleeg de toelatingsvoorwaarden per opleiding.
een bachelor-na-bachelor
  Verder studeren kan ook in een Ba-na-Na. De toelatingsvoorwaarden kunnen verschillen per opleiding.
een specifieke lerarenopleiding
  Als je leraar wilt worden kan je een specifieke lerarenopleiding volgen.
Er zijn ook nog na- of bijscholingen. Sommige studenten komen in aanmerking voor een doctoraat.
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