Opleiding: Bioscience Engineering: Human Health Engineering (E)
Studieniveau: Master - HO
Studiegebied: Toegepaste biologische wetenschappen
Belangstellingsdomeinen: Exacte wetenschappen, Techniek, Wiskunde-cijferwerk,
Schoolvakken SO: Biologie, Biotechniek, Chemie, Fysica, Landbouw, Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde,
Bijzondere toelating

On the basis of the following degrees, or similar degrees, obtained in the Flemish Community:

  • Bachelor in de bio-ingenieurswetenschappen (Leuven)

For Belgian applicants who completed their prior education at a Flemish education institution: see admission requirements of the Master in de bio-ingenieurswetenschappen: biosysteemtechniek.


KU Leuven
HHE offers an educational vision focusing on technology for healthy humans.
It applies the combination of human physiology and engineering in a broad range of areas for healthy humans.

Knowledge of physiology and psychology of the healthy human is a key component of the programme. (See the \'Programme\' section for a full description of courses.)
HHE\'s educational vision is centred around a commitment to teach students to develop technology using insight in the workings of human physiological systems as a starting point.
The programme progresses from biology onward to technology, not vice versa as is often the case in most engineering programmes.
In this way, the programme aims at developing new technology in a more efficient way, meeting the high expectations of users.
HHE graduates are trained to understand and speak the language of the different areas integrated within the programme.

Beroepsbeschrijving- en uitwegen

As an HHE graduate, your polyvalent skill set will make you widely employable in the labour market, both within your own specialisation and in other sectors.
You will be equipped to take on scientific, technical, organisational and commercial-technical roles in many sectors.
In addition, as a bio-engineer, you will rapidly evolve from supporting positions to management positions and this in different activities (research, production and service, marketing, etc.), according to your interests and goals.

As an HHE expert, your contribution will be essential in numerous industrial sectors, including all professional domains linked to the well-being, health and performance of healthy humans in interaction with their environment.
This includes the pharmaceutical industry, the clothing and fashion industry, sport technology companies, medical companies, companies active in sleep comfort, helmet producers, producers of furniture, the transport industry (such as cars, buses, trains, and airplanes), etc.
In all of these business activities, the products of the future must be tuned to a better quality of life for humans.
Furthermore, the ageing population is in urgent need of more and better preventative healthcare services, including automated systems for monitoring and support.
As a bio-engineer specialised in living systems, you will have the potential to create added value in all of these areas, with special attention to the central place of the healthy human in the development of sustainable technology.

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Na een masteropleiding kan je, binnen het hoger onderwijs, verder studeren in:
een master-na-master
Er zijn geen Ma-na-Ma's binnen dit studiegebied. Er zijn waarschijnlijk andere Ma-na-Ma's waarin je mag starten. Raadpleeg de toelatingsvoorwaarden per Ba-na-Ba.  
een postgraduaat
  De toelating tot een postgraduaat verschilt per opleiding. Raadpleeg de toelatingsvoorwaarden per opleiding.
een bachelor-na-bachelor
  Verder studeren kan ook in een Ba-na-Na. De toelatingsvoorwaarden kunnen verschillen per opleiding.
een specifieke lerarenopleiding
  Als je leraar wilt worden kan je een specifieke lerarenopleiding volgen.
Er zijn ook nog na- of bijscholingen. Sommige studenten komen in aanmerking voor een doctoraat.
KU Leuven, (2)
    Naamsestraat 22
3000 Leuven
Gegevens bijgewerkt tot 05-12-2017


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