Opleiding: Executive Summer School Social Security (E)
Studieniveau: Postgraduaat - HO
Studiegebied: Rechten, Notariaat en Criminologische wetenschappen
Belangstellingsdomeinen: Sociale wetenschappen,
Schoolvakken SO:
Bijzondere toelating

Applicants for this Summer School must have a university degree, obtained after at least four years of study in one of the following fields: law, criminology, economics and applied economic sciences, political sciences, sociology or communication sciences, public health, medicine or dentistry. More specifically, this means that they need a Master\'s degree (or equivalent degree).
Applicants must also have taken at least one course (equivalent to a minimum of 5 credits) relating to social security in order to obtain this university degree.
In exceptional cases, especially when the applicant shows long-term involvement in social security, persons with another academic degree may be admitted upon motivated request.

Applicants may also be allowed when they are in the final phase of obtaining the above mentioned required degrees.
We understand by final phase that the applicants can provide evidence that they will most likely conclude their Master education within one year after the start of the Summer School.

A good proficiency in English is an absolute prerequisite and should be evidenced by the applicant.
A fair distribution between male and female participants as well as between the various countries of origin will be aimed at.
All possible efforts will be done to accomodate special needs of students with a handicap.


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