Opleiding: Tropical Medicine for Bachelors in Nursing and Midwifery (E)
Studieniveau: Postgraduaat - HO
Studiegebied: Geneeskunde
Belangstellingsdomeinen: Medische activiteiten, Sociaal dienstbetoon,
Schoolvakken SO:
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A higher secondary certificate, a bachelor degree in nursing or midwifery (minimum 180 ECTS credits) and two years of professional experience are required to be eligible for this course.
The course is taught simultaneously in English and French.
A good knowledge of the course language is essential.
Participants for whom the course language is not their first language must provide a certificate of proficiency from a recognized language institute.
Alternatively they must provide proof of courses followed in the same language.
Nurses and midwives from developing countries are only eligible if they are working for an international NGO or for a higher education (nursing) institution.
For organisational purposes, a maximum of 40 students is admitted for each language.
Places are allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis.



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