Opleiding: Digital humanities (E)
Studieniveau: Master-na-master - HO
Studiegebied: Gecombineerde studiegebieden
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Bijzondere toelating

Admission of students is based on a selection procedure.
Candidate students submit an application containing detailed information on their prior studies, work experience, additional competencies, proof of proficiency in English and motivation statement.
Successful applicants are holder of a Master degree in Human or Behavioral Sciences.
They obtained their degree with good study results and from a good university.
They meet the universities entry requirements in terms of English proficiency.
They have clear academic and/or professional goals and are able to motivate why the program will help to achieve them.

Applicants with a strong IT-background (e.g. applicants who are also holder of a Bachelor of Master degree in Computer Science, or who have similar expertise through professional experience) will be advised not to enroll in the program.
Applicants with a background that does not match with any of the areas of expertise of the teaching staff will also be advised not to enroll.


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Beroepsbeschrijving- en uitwegen

Some of the most recurrent employers among IOB graduates are within the government sector, parliaments, inter/supranational organisations, national and international NGOs, higher education/research, and bi- or multilateral donor agencies.
IOB also offers a multi-disciplinary Doctoral Programme, leading to a PhD in Development Studies.
To ensure quality guidance IOB adheres to a strict policy in considering and accepting application

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