Opleiding: Business engineering (E)
Studieniveau: Master - HO
Studiegebied: Economische en Toegepaste economische wetenschappen
Belangstellingsdomeinen: Handel-zaken, Overtuigen-besturen, Wiskunde-cijferwerk,
Schoolvakken SO: Economie, Toegepaste economie,
Bijzondere toelating

To be eligible for direct admission to the Master of Business Engineering programme, you must have:

  • an academic bachelor’s degree with a strong quantitative and/or technological focus and with sufficient knowledge of economics and management science; or

  • an academic bachelor’s degree in (business) economics with a substantial quantitative and/or technological component.

The screening of the application file will be based on evidence of the applicant’s acquired competences in primarily the following domains: economics; management; quantitative methods, technology and sciences, and IT-programming.
A GMAT/GRE-test result with a minimum score of above the 80th percentile on the quantitative part is required. You also need to have a good command of English.
Unless you are of Anglo-Saxon origin, you will be asked to submit a TOEFL or IELTS certificate.
If you have already completed an English-language academic programme at an Anglo-Saxon university, your degree will be considered sufficient proof of your English proficiency.


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De opleiding bestaat ook in het Nederlands: Handelsingenieur

Beroepsbeschrijving- en uitwegen

Graduates of the MSc in Business Engineering mostly take up managerial and/or research positions in business, national and international institutions and at universities.
Business engineers usually start their careers in technical expert functions within interdisciplinary management teams.
They are typically hired to optimize production processes, to develop quantitative models in financial institutions, or to market technological innovations.
They are also able to take up more traditional management tasks, armed with the ability to support key decisions using quantitative analyses.
Business engineers quickly move up to executive functions in various management domains in companies and organisations.
Given the variety of skills acquired, they are highly sought after by a wide range of companies – from start-ups and small firms to multinational corporations – for a variety of positions and sectors in Belgium and abroad.

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  Als je leraar wilt worden kan je een specifieke lerarenopleiding volgen.
Er zijn ook nog na- of bijscholingen. Sommige studenten komen in aanmerking voor een doctoraat.
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Gegevens bijgewerkt tot 31-01-2024


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